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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz Warning: this is not a romance novel. There is no happy ending and I wouldn't change it for the world.So many Harlequins start the same way - here's the guy, here's the girl, let's watch the sparks fly (or not). The Siren takes a different tack with a topsy turvy and engaging plot. Who is the best man for Nora, novelist by day and Dominatrix by night? Is it the innocent virgin who loves her so much he'll bend any which way? The nearly divorced man who needs some help getting over his past? Or maybe the crazy ex was the best thing for her after all. Nora has to figure out what she wants most and who can provide it for her.The ever-changing and very human course Nora's affections take kept me thinking throughout. If you are willing to change yourself in order to be loved by someone is it still love? Is BDSM without sex merely emotional violence? Can a relationship between a girl and a man 10+ years her senior survive? Does the fact that she was sixteen when it started make it fatally warped? Do enough good deeds as a role model wipe out willing indiscretions? There's a lot to chew on here.There aren't as many sex scenes as other erotic novels but the plot kept me so riveted I didn't even notice. The obligatory "rules of BDSM" and dungeon scenes are here, along with a BDSM = rape speech I could have done without. That was the only flaw I saw though.Five stars for a stunning story that kept me guessing and thinking and turning pages. I finished it in a day. Oh yes.