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Immortal - Gillian Shields This book fell right into my sweet spot - a story that unfolds rather than being set, a mysterious man with a troubled past, a normal world that ends up being full of magic. The story is very good and the plot kept me from putting it down for even a moment.So why only four stars? I'm finding nearly all YA books to lack a measure of depth and this one was no different. Connections were spelled out and characters fit into neat stereotypes (the mean girl, the mean girl's groupie, the one nice girl, the mysterious guy, the mean headmaster...). The only person that defied her initial pigeonholing was Helen, and being the "odd bird" it wasn't too hard.If you like paranormal but are sick of vampires you'll probably like this book. If you like a strong plot and being dragged to and fro by the action you'll definitely like this book. If you'd like something deeper to chew on after the last page has turned this may not be the book for you.Personally, I got carried away by the plot but keenly felt the lack of substance at the core. Four stars.