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Laid Bare - Lauren Dane This book is perfect in the worst way. Erin is leading a perfect life as a rock star - money, fame, creative freedom, love. A horrific turn events threatens to take it all away but then she re-meets the perfect guy, Todd. Their sexual preferences match up perfectly. Todd's just aggressive enough, and if he ever steps over a line she says the word and he rearranges his whole life for her.Dane tried to add conflict in the form of courtroom snits (battle is too strong) but with Erin's strong do-gooder spirit the result is never in question. Even their threesome with Ben, which should be the source of at least a tiny bit of jealousy, is, you guessed it, perfect. Not to mention that when Ben tells his mother that he's not getting a girlfriend because he's involved with a married couple she barely blinks. "As long as you're all happy, honey!" Seriously? Ben has told his closest friends and family what's going on, but to the rest of the word he is Todd's business partner and Erin's best friend. What happens when acquaintances ask his mom, "How is Ben?" Coming up with lies about that for the rest of her life doesn't irk her any? ...really? Grah.While there were some nice sex scenes and a bunch of threesome ones the lack of drive in the plot left me bored and wishing something, anything, interesting would happen.