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It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars, #1)

It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars, #1) - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I can see why many people like this book, but as a fairly new reader of romance, I have to wonder if it's a generational thing. Is this one of those pre-enlightenment books I've heard about where the guy is an asshole, the girl is a pushover, and the plot is maddening?Phoebe, a girl abused in her youth that has no real connections to her family, was left her father's football team, the Chicago Stars, in his will. She gets to keep the team if, and only if, the league basement Stars make the AFC championships this year.Being a smart girl, she decides the best thing to do is ignore the team completely as she knows nothing about football. Sure, contracts need signing and she's the only one with any legal authority, but hey, not her problem.She finally comes around and decides to go to work. In the process she falls in love with the coach, Dan, for no reason I can possibly see. He's quick to anger, crap at apologies, and seems to think fleeting good intentions make up for all his faults. The only person he is consistently nice to is Molly, Phoebe's teenaged half sister, as he demands admiration above all else and she readily provides it.As you can tell from my status updates many passages made me downright mad and getting to the end of the novel was hard. While Phillips' writing style is technically solid she leaves little for the reader to figure out herself. Even with all this explaining I find Phoebe's emotional journey unrealistic. I can kinda understand her using sex as power over men, but Phoebe vacillates between moods so erratically I never knew what to think.If I didn't need to finish this book for a challenge I would have never made it to the end. GRAH.