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Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter Series #2)

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh Angels' Blood, the first book in this series, blew me away but Archangel's Kiss was merely okay. The good: Raphael didn't lose any of his Alpha-ness as soon as he became attached, and I loved seeing him as a scary, powerful archangel. Getting to know "The Seven" better was great and each character was fleshed out and interesting. Elena's past comes back to her in drips and drabs and she faces it (for all of ten seconds) in the final scene.The not so good: The world building slipped a bit - I never felt like I could picture the Refuge which is a shame because it should have been awesome. The plot felt meandering and had a bunch of waiting built in. I missed Sara, even if she was gone for good reasons. Elena spends so much time reliving what happened to her as a kid that she doesn't face her new situation as much as I would like. Did she even have a denial stage? Will there be one in the next book to make up for it? I'm still interested to see where the series will go from here but I'm going to take a break.