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Tales from Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major - John Feinstein First clue I made a mistake picking up this book - I did not know how many majors there are in golf.It only went downhill from there.This book tries to follow the course of one Q School, the PGA's qualifying tournament. Feinstein is so loosey goosey with his stories, though, it's hard to tell there's any through line at all. Each chapter is filled with stores about players struggling through the three round tourney but most fall into one of two camps:- Young hotshot gets into the PGA tour easily the first time, then ends back up in the Q School of Hard Knocksor- Older, established player becomes injured or otherwise loses their swing, requiring them to go back to Q School even though they were greatAfter a few chapters it felt like I was reading reruns. Add in Teflon names that just wouldn't stick (from one page: Steve, Jeff, Joe, Brad, Patrick, Garrett, Steve) and it was reruns.Feinstein's memory seemed to fail him at times, as well, telling the story of Mize's amazing Masters shot no fewer than three times while leaving out helpful clues when a player reappeared. A little intro like, "so-and-so, the mini tour player that injured his back so dramatically," or whatever, would have helped immeasurably. I was lucky there were two Japanese guys in the pack or I wouldn't have remembered anyone.This book may have a little value for those who are already deep in the sport, but lay people should stay far, far away.