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The Cook's Pocket Bible Every Culinary Rule Of Thumb At Your Fingertips - Roni Jay Disappointed - the book was filled with charts of cooking times and such more than anything. I don't cook hunks o' meat so the first third was absolutely useless.Most of the tips cover standard western fare, that is, meat with a veggie on the side. While there are nods to vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions they are brief. I only saw a couple of nods to eastern cooking, like a (short) list of spices found in curry, and the instruction to cook sticky rice by steaming for 15 minutes... forget the soaking, boiling, and resting, I guess.While a couple of rules of thumb were useful ("If it grows above ground, put it into boiling water. If it grows below ground, put it into cold water and bring to a boil.") this book won't find a spot in my kitchen.