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Small Space Organizing: A Room-by-Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space - Kathryn Bechen My husband and I live in small apartment - two small bedrooms, a tiny bath and toilet, kitchen, and living room all in 650 square feet. This book was not written for people like me.If you have a more reasonably sized home and would like to minimize how much space your stuff is taking up there may be some tips you can use. Best if you own though, as a good chunk of the solutions would never get past the landlord, like completely reworking closets, putting holes in the walls, and adding under the counter glass racks.The chapter that struck me as the most tone deaf was "Kitchen and Dining Delights". Bechen assumes you have space to work with... I don't. My total counter space is less than three foot square so her recommendations of keeping knives in a butcher block or lining up "colorful canisters" made me laugh. And lose half of my workspace? No way!I wouldn't mind so much if she was squarely targeting empty nest couples moving into a smaller home, say, or people who need help sifting through a mountain of possessions. But right there in the first chapter she lists out her audience, including new college students heading to a dorm room and those "living out your jet-set fantasy life in a tiny studio apartment in a trendy and expensive area of New York, Tokyo, or Paris". Those people will have even less to learn from Bechen than me.It's tempting to give one star but I did glean a couple of interesting tidbits so two it is.