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His Royal Pleasure - Leanne Banks My first Harlequin and... eh. I'm trying category romance to give it a fair shot but I don't think it'll be my thing. The hero is just this side of being an asshole, and while I like alphas he put me off a little bit. I like the heroine well enough, but wonder why on the ebook cover she's a brunette instead of a redhead with a bad perm. It comes up often enough in the story!The trip she made at the end seemed rushed, and I don't feel like she faced her choice fully. I mean, she left her school district down a first grade teacher at the beginning of the school year. She was gone for the two weeks before that so her room wasn't set up, she missed all kinds of meetings, and none of this gets mentioned when she makes the choice to stay with Alex. Grah!I'm going to bop around a few more category lines and imprints when I want a quick read or help breaking out of a reading slump.