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Bitten - Kelley Armstrong I see why so many people like this book (good first person narrator, pack bonds that are deep and relevant) but I lost interest about halfway through.In general I like "bad boy" heroes but Clay never grew on me. He seems little more than an immature college boy who tries to do better... life has taught me to throw such people overboard but Elena keeps going back. Beta and dependable friend Nick got more love from me, as well as Jeremy, the smart, unflappable leader.And what is it about werewolf stories and the idea of a womb being for sale? [b:Pride|4583888|Pride (Shifters, #3)|Rachel Vincent|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1228321260s/4583888.jpg|4642188] drove me mad with the thought and I was not happy to revisit it here. While harems can be enjoyable (see: high single digit Anita Blake novels) his feels more like straight up possession and that bothers me.I would have given three stars for the solid writing style and readability but I had to skim a little to finish, so two stars it is.