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Delicious - Shayla Black This was a two star read from the beginning for annoying lead characters, getting too deep into their heads too often, and repeating background info every few chapters. As the book wore on the repetitive sex scenes kept it solidly mediocre.But then, in one of those scenes, when the heroine clearly and directly tells the hero to stop, he doesn't. She needed to be punished for not calling him, and beating her with his member was his solution to the problem.Now, I love reading about BDSM. Bring on the whips, chains, blindfolds, feathers, and whatever else you got - I'm there. But when a guy, in a non-safe word situation, forces himself on a girl and doesn't stop when she says so you piss me off. That is rape. I don't care if "she liked it in the end"; I don't care if it's waxed about romantically. The heroine had sex forced upon her. Right to the top of my Not Cool list.Not that there's any real BDSM in this book, just a commandeering asshole supreme. Say it with me now - anal sex and a necktie do not BDSM make.For being a bad example of a romance and "domination", putting the heroine in more peril than I could bear, and pissing me off, one star.