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Pride (Werecats, Book 3)

Pride - Rachel Vincent I jumped in this series at book three by accident but it may have been a good thing - now I can write the whole series off.At first I thought Faythe was a strong, kick-ass character but soon all she can think about is how she likes Marc, how awesome he is, how he's the perfect guy, but she can't have him, but my, that other guy might be nice to kiss. She looks to the men in her life - her father first and Marc second - for examples on how to act but never processes or analyzes what she sees.90% of the plot takes place in a lodge, and 50% of that is men sitting around, fighting about rules. The rest is eating. There are so many mentions of bad food (frozen pizzas, frozen lasagna, frozen burritos, scrambled eggs eaten by the plate full, and several fountains' worth of coke) that I lost my appetite. I know they were limited by what they brought, but really, would a little veg be so bad?Stylistically I found the writing to be too simple to be satisfying. I actually checked to see if this was a YA novel, the level was so low. The first person point of view also grated on my nerves.I hoped that Faythe would be able to stand up and give the evil powers that be a good what-for, but instead it simply sucks to be her. Book abandoned.