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With My Body: A Novel (P.S.) - Nikki Gemmell I'm not sure what I think about this book. It's put together oddly and has annoying affectations, but explores interesting issues.Pros first, as there's only one but it's a biggie - exploring female sexuality and the power it holds. To say any more would probably be a spoiler.Cons - oo boy, I have a list. First, there are over 200 chapters, each spanning one to three pages. Each chapter starts with a quote, sometimes just a phrase, that kinda sorta relates to the content. If there were one quote to puzzle out every 20 or 40 pages I'd do just that, but every other page? It wasn't worth the mental energy so I skipped them.Neither pro nor con - the book is in the second person. It adds an immediacy that serves the story but at other times grates.This is not a "happy read", but a decent one none the less.