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Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels - Scott McCloud A wonderful look at what goes into a comic, from perspective and line to story and style. I learned a lot and gained even more appreciation for an art form that I already respected.The ebook version is not recommended, however. I read an epub from my library using Overdrive on an iPad and the text was a tad too small to read comfortably. The notes after each chapter were written in McCloud's lettering font and it translated to ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME in the file. Annoying to say the least.My favorite part was his look at Japanese manga, as I have more experience with that than North American comics. (I started reading the panels in this comic right to left, I'm so well trained.) It was neat to see his take on the Japanese industry and how it's melded with American comics over time.Run out at get this book (a paper copy!) if you have any interest at all in comics - you won't be disappointed.